The importance of storytelling for nonprofit fundraising and advocacy is not a new concept, but it is evolving quickly. Through their use of social media, nonprofits have begun to realize that storytelling is one of the key ingredients in creating successful online fundraising campaigns, especially peer-to-peer based ones.  What story should you tell?  There are several different kinds of films you can create-but which is the best for your organization?  These are some of the questions we help you answer, and the first step towards creating a plan for professional video production.

Our process includes:

  • Pre-production (Understanding the story, create a shot list, research,  secure funding, and coordinate shooting locations and talent).
  • Production (Capture interviews, images, and sound.  Secure releases for all talent).
  • Post-preduction (Create story structure, editing, graphics, color correcting, sound mastering, and secure copyrights licenses to music).
  • Distribution (Where will this film be shown, and how will it get in front of your audience).
  • Evaluation (Take a good look at your indicators of success and evaluate whether you have met your goals.  Discuss, what can be done differently or improvements).


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Bethany Christian services

This is a call to action video aimed a pregnant women, that may be considering adoption, rather than abortion.

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