Cinema and Television

Multimedia Production Option:

 Pre-production, production and distribution of digital material for film, television and the World Wide Web.

Film Production Option:

Conceptualization, production, directing, editing and distribution of film projects for both entertainment and informational purposes.

Television Production Option:

Pre-production, production and post-production techniques for all television formats—encompassing producing, directing and all other creative aspects of studio and field production.

Screenwriting Option:

Conceptualization, structuring and writing of dramatic and non-dramatic scripts for film, television and new media.

The rates depend on several factors, such as, the nature of the project, the services needed and location(s).

To get your custom pricing please contact the main office at: or call 800-957-0331.

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Fantasia, American Idle sensation performs live in concert.

Music Video

A story about a teenager struggling with a eating disorder.

Motion Picture Trailer

"Bama & Fred"  Novella Nelson (Antwone Fisher) and Ted Lange.

Short Film

Award winning Film "One Day" Director of Photography provided by Elite One Cinema

Music video

Travis Green single entitled "Living Waters" Starring Kel Mitchell. Nominated best cinematography

Reality TV

Benita Adams - Episode 10 Featuring Kym Whitley of OWN Network "Raising Whitley"

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